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Mountain Athlete is the premier training gym in the world for mountaineers, climbers, big mountains skiers, adventure racers, snowboarders, professional snowmobile racers, explorers and alpinists.

We are on new ground here for mountain sports. There is little tradition for mountain athletes to seriously train in a gym setting in preparation for their sport or expedition. Traditionally they have "trained" by just doing their activity complemented by long slow endurance trail runs, bike rides or other endurance cross training.

We believe these days are coming to an end. Mountain athletes who rise to the cutting edge of their sports will need build a foundation of strength and conditioning on which to build their mountain skills. The training at Mountain Athlete is leading this charge.

Our training is designed to increase the mountain athlete's horsepower, stamina, durability and mental toughness.

Superior strength and conditioning achieved in the gym allows our athletes to be more efficient with their technical training on the mountain. Time formerly spent on conditioning can now be used to further develop and improve technical proficiency. Not only are our athletes stronger and more powerful, they are smarter too.

Mountain Athlete is a private gym. Our onsite training in Jackson, Wyoming is professionally coached, small group sessions.

Interested in training at our Jackson location? Email

You can also train with us remotely by paying dues, becoming a remote member of the gym and following along with the sessions we post on this site. Click the "Training" link above to sign up.

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